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Behind the Lens


Hi friends,


I am Aspynn of Aspynn Tabor Photography. I am an Oklahoma portrait and lifestyle photographer capturing the warmth and wonder of your world. 


If reciting trending audio from reels and laughing along at me from my overly enthusiastic love of your images is what you are looking for, I'm your photog!


Something you have to know about me is I LOVE my little Oklahoma funny farm, all things Bridgerton, and my over abundance of books!


In 2017 at the ripe age of twenty-two, I turned my passion for capturing the biggest moments in people's lives into a full time career and launched Aspynn Tabor Photography!


As a turquoise wearing, native western Oklahoma wildflower, I love being behind the lens photographing seniors in their element, couples deeply in love, and beautiful country & western weddings. 


My style of photography always add a touch of light back into your images by including bright, warm colors to match your vibrant heart.

Thank you so much for being here & I absolutely cannot wait to get to know you!


I love the art of photography. The light. The lines. The soul of the subjects. 

Dylan and I LOVE to travel! We beyond adore getting to go new places and experience new food, art, views, cultures, adventures, but mostly food. He is more spontaneous and I am 100% a planner with the ability to let the plan fly out of the window (sometimes)!


Anywhere we go together is home.

Vacations with my Husband

We have too many babies... Fur Babies that is!

Screenshot 2023-12-29 at 12.34.11 PM.png

We have:

Dust, the American Quarter Horse

Ink, the Catahoula/Lab mix

Loki, the Belgian Malinois

Crylic, the Domestic Long-haired Cat

Ceruse, the Domestic Short-haired Cat

Toothless, the Leopard Gecko

one outdoor feral cat, Mosaic

& chickens!

So, it is a full house!

And if my dogs can't go? I'm not going!

Dylan & I are...

Best Friends since 2012,

Married since 2016,



Most of the Time Delirious,

Always Having a Good Time Together!

Regardless of the silly stuff, Dylan is the sole person who I credit my journey into full-time photography to. We both support and encourage each other to follow our own paths together. 

Through my lens, I want to capture your relationship that could span time and miles by showcasing your love through movement and warm, vibrant colors!

I want to show your "normal" relationship is exceptionally

beautiful, wonderful, and unique!

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