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Hi dears! 


Let's gear up for the experience of a life time!

You want adventure? Let's go adventuring!

Whether we drive across the state to the Wichita Wildlife Refuge or explore your backyard, we are going to have a blast!

I want to showcase YOU!

You've got style and I lack grace, so I'll have you smiling the whole time with my silly, outgoing personality! There won't be a dull or awkward moment! Promise!

We will include all your favorite things! I'm very outdoorsy. I can accommodate and am willing to learn about ALL your sports, hobbies, and activities!

Want me to come see your horse? Let's go! 

I have 2 nationally recognized and published photos of seniors and their horses!

Are you a kind heart?

A star football player?

An awesome artist?

An experienced hunter?

A wildflower?

A fashion forwardfashionista?

An adventurer?

 An amazing volleyball player?

A person with a dream?

A senior who loves their dog?

I'm your photographer!

I am ready to show the world what we already know!

You are wonderfully amazing!

You are unique!

You are a senior ready to take on the world!

Let's do this thing!