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10 Tips for Before Your Session

Updated: Dec 31

Hey dear friends!

So, we've all been here! You have a million things to do before your photography session, but what are they?

Do you need some reminders?

I've compiled a list of 10 tips of things you may not think of to do before your session!

1. Shave!

Yes, it seems silly! Sometimes after triple checking other things, we forget to check our pits! Shaving includes plucking!

Check your legs, armpits, face, eyebrows, moles/beauty marks, & the gap between your eyebrows.

Guys, if you don't want to shave, that's great also! But, if you choose to shave, be aware of razor burn and regrowth time for yourself and decide when to shave accordingly!

2. Clothing!

Steam or iron your clothes before your session! Then, hang them up & hang them in your car the day of your session. No amount of photoshopping is going to take the wrinkles out of a t-shirt you pulled out of the laundry basket minutes before your session or the slacks you threw into the trunk of your car. It is a good idea to have a clothes' roller on hand at your session incase you want your furry friends to tag along or you wore a jacket that they have slept on! (My cat, Baby Rue, does that to me often!)

3. Underclothes!

Aspynn, why are we talking about underwear? I know! I know! Weird... But, please, try on your clothing with the underclothing you are actually wearing to the shoot. This will help you get a better idea of what you will look like all together. I do not photoshop bra straps or clothing lines out of your photos due to ill fitting clothing. Be sure that everything works well together prior to your session. Hang your underclothes up with the clothing they belong with on the same hanger for ease during on location changing.

4. Jewelry & Accessories!

The best trick I've found to make sure that we remember to change your jewelry/accessories with each outfit is to place them in a ziplock baggie, make a small hole in the top of the baggie, and place them on the hanger of the outfit they go with. Quick! Easy! Visible! Accessible!

5. Tanner!

It is about to be that time of year when everyone becomes paler again and I cannot stress this enough... If you do not usually wear self tanner, do NOT panic the night before and run to Walmart! You will be streaky and orange & there is not much I can do for you in your images. If you want to be professionally spray tanned, please, do so a minimum 3 days before your session. This will allow it time to develop, rinse the excess off, and morph into a natural color.

6. Sunglasses & Hats!

Please, do not arrive to your session wearing sunglasses or hats. They have the potential to mess up your hair and makeup. If you want to use them as props, we totally can during the latter part of your session after the close up portraits your grandma will want!

7. Flip Flops & Tennis Shoes!

If your shoes you are wearing in your photos are not comfy, bring flip flops or tennis shoes to walk in. Due to the length of your session, if we are within walking distance, we will more than likely walk & not drive. This saves precious minutes that could produce your favorite photo!

8. Adventure Bag!

Adventure bags are the quick, throw together items that you may need for your session. Some items I carry always in my adventure bag in my truck for sessions are: water, chapstick, lipgloss, lotion, face powder, oil blotting pads, hair spray, bug spray, towel, brush, cute blanket, socks, & an extra set of jewelry.

9. Helper!

Bring a helper who you are comfortable with & who is supportive. Your helper can be your mom, your friend, your sibling, your significant other, your dad, or whoever! This is so important because you can change in between locations, they can help me watch for jewelry/clothing hiccups, help position your furry friend, and they can be a great positive influence on your session!

10. Pamper Yourself!

You only do a photography session once in a blue moon! Make sure you pamper yourself. Buy that new outfit! Get your nails done! Touch up those roots in your hair! Have your makeup done professionally! After all, that can be half of the fun!

Thank you so much for reading these tips & choosing Aspynn Tabor Photography to capture this major milestone in your life! What tips would you add to this list? Leave them in the comments below or message me! I'd love to hear from you!


The Trailblazing Tog

Aspynn Tabor

Western Oklahoma Adventure Photographer

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